We occupied an office in the top level of the Historic Dawes House in Lincoln, NE. Built in 1885, it eventually became the home of Nobel Peace Prize recipient Charles Gates Dawes.


In 2005, founder of Nature’s Logic, Scott Freeman, started developing the concept for a pet food focusing on the benefits of whole food nutrition without using added synthetic supplements widely used in the pet food industry to meet the nutritional analytical levels of dog and cat food.

One company and a long time veterinarian friend had similar approaches to nutrition but mainly in the realm of supplements. Their work and vision made a lasting impression on Scott to see if it was possible to do complete pet diets with the same rationale of providing all essential nutrients from whole foods rather than depending on synthetics to easily and cheaply meet requirements.

In late 2005 the first test batches of Nature’s Logic were created and by January 2006 some of the first product was being retailed in the USA.

Since nothing like this had ever been created, Scott sent the dry dog and cat food for AAFCO feeding trials to have them substantiated for All Life Stages. They passed without any problems and recently the canine canned diets have also been substantiated for All Life Stages.

The ultimate goal of Nature’s Logic is to provide the most nutritious and safest product that people can feel good about feeding their canine and feline family.

Scott Freeman

Founder & Owner

Founder of Nature’s Logic, Scott launched Nature’s Logic in 2006 after a lifetime of interest in the husbandry of animals, starting on his Grandfather’s ranch caring for his cows. Nature’s Logic has given him the great satisfaction of creating the best pet diets possible that he confidently feeds his own pets and then sharing them with everyone around the world. He is guardian to Jack a Corgie/Australian Shepard Mix, the smartest and most loyal of companions.

Nick Wysowski

Territory Manager

Nick joined the Nature’s Logic team in 2015 as a Territory Manager, bringing with him almost a decade experience in the pet industry. His favorite part of the job is sharing his knowledge and experiences to enhance the lives of pets through nutrition. He and his wife are parents of a Siberian Husky, a three-legged Shepard-Husky rescue, and a trio of cats. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, working out, golfing, and watching sports

Kelsey Christenson

Territory Manager

Kelsey joined the Nature’s Logic team in 2015. Kelsey’s interest in pet nutrition developed during years of working as a groomer, and she loves helping people change their pets’ lives by educating them on the importance of a natural and balanced diet. She knows that eating healthy is just as important for her as it is for her two dogs, Signey and Rumo. Together they enjoy an active lifestyle, and their favorite activities include hiking, running, and rock climbing.

Richard Gonzales

Territory Manager

Rich joined Nature’s Logic team in 2014 as the Territory Manager for Southern California and Vegas Area. Rich is located in the suburbs of LA and is excited about the opportunity to promote healthy natural products with Nature’s Logic.  Rich also brings with him seven years’ experience as a sales representative in the medical industry.  He enjoys hiking, cycling and loves spending time with wife, two children, and seven year old rescue dog named Elliot.

Rose Casesi

Territory Manager

Rose’s passion for Pet Health and Nutrition lead her to Nature’s Logic in 2016. Holding 7 years of Pet Industry experience, Rose finds much gratification each day in being able to help educate and connect with pets and pet parents through whole food nutrition.  Rose is mom to Stella, her Boston Terrier and loyal best friend.

Skylar Clifton

Territory Manager

Skylar joined the Nature’s Logic team in 2016 as the Rocky Mountain Territory Manger. His interest in animal husbandry began in 2010 when he met his first Sphynx cat. That same year he began showing and breeding sphynx cats and has been looking for the best food for them ever since that time. In 2015 he started feeding and promoting Nature’s Logic to fellow members of the cat fancy and jumped at the chance to join the Nature’s Logic Team. When not hanging out with his three cats and his dog, Skylar loves spending time in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Angela Shoultz

Territory Manager

Angela joined the Nature’s Logic family as a Demo Rep in 2012 and became a Territory Manager in 2016.  She has a passion for helping pet owners understand good nutrition and the benefits of whole foods in their pet’s diet.  Angela and her husband Bryce have four children and three rescued pets, Captain Jack Sparrow, a Boxer mix, Inigo Montoya, an Australian Cattle Dog, and Princess Lucy, The Cat!

Jack Warner

Territory Manager

Jack joined the Natures Logic team in 2017. He comes to us with an extensive background in retail merchandising and customer service. For the past seven years he has also been working in the pet industry as a demonstrator. He first became aware of a proper pet diet after adopting his first pet and best friend,  a Pekingese mix named Pepper. Jack enjoys learning all he can about pets and nutrition.  He is passionate about educating others about healthy, nutritious, natural diets for their pets.

Jane Synder

Territory Manager

Jane joined the Nature’s Logic team in 2017. She has two fur babies- miniature Australian shepherds Sophie & Parker. She has a great passion for animals that she loves to share with others. Jane has a degree in food & nutrition as well as 15 years’ experience in food manufacturing and packaging sales. She believes that proper nutrition for animals is just as important as it is for people! In her free time, she enjoys walking, trying out new recipes and spending time with family & friends.

Carmen Tamonia

Territory Manager

Carmen joined the Nature’s Logic team in late 2016 as a Territory Manager in the Northeast Region.  Prior to joining Nature’s Logic, Carmen’s passion for pet health began over 10 years ago, when he entered the pet industry as a retail manager. He is the proud parent of his two cats and his dog, Cricket, a German Shorthaired Pointer.

James Schoolcraft

Territory Manager

James joined the Nature’s Logic team in April of 2017 as the Territory Manager for the Mid-Atlantic Region.  He brings 30 years of sales and merchandising expertise to the team. The last ten have been in the Animal Health Industry, where he led the company in total sales for eight consecutive years, and was awarded top Territory Manager of the year multiple times.

James and his wife, Catherine are the parents to three daughters, Sara, Erica, and Jaclyn, and their Black Lab, Coach.  In fact Coach’s food allergies led James to research and he found Nature’s Logic.  James’ passion and knowledge of Animal Nutrition is now home here with Nature’s Logic.  He is excited to spread his testimony of this amazing and unique pet food, and how Nature’s Logic has cured his own dog, Coach.

In his spare time James loves family, his passion for animals, biking, fitness, and playing his guitar.

Deb Jacob

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Deb joined the Lincoln office in May 2014 after seeing the amazing results Nature’s Logic had on her beloved late dog Miller, a yellow Lab.  Having been in the pet industry for a number of years, she is excited to share her own experience with concerned pet parents. She is the pet parent of Sally Ann, a rescue cat and the newest member of the family Iris Sue, an American Bulldog, also a rescue.


Already a believer? Share your pet’s Nature’s Logic story.

I wanted to say how pleased I am because I have tried and discarded other top rated foods.

I just received my first bag of your formula chicken dry food for dogs I wanted to contact you because I have been researching which food to give my newly adopted little dog. I received the food and I opened the bag and I want to say that I am immediately so pleased. I can see that the kibble is freshly baked and it is just the right size and it smells very good. I wanted to say how pleased I am because I have tried and discarded other top rated foods. Being a canine/feline nutritionist, I even chose carefully among the noncommercial premium brands. I am going to be very happy to introduce this slowly to my little dog. I have researched Nature’s Logic and the ingredients you have include have all the necessary components to promote health also they include the multiple probiotics strains added as well as the enzymes, which I have been purchasing separately. I feel so good about doing every thing I can to promote Sophie’s long term health. I will keep in touch.


The variety is a huge plus for her and the whole logic behind the food is what sold us.

What a fantastic food for our Boxer girl Stella! She is 9 yrs old now and needed something to feed her in rotation with home made meals. We had her on another good quality made kibble for most of her life but need to give her moisture and no grain/low carb which is much better on her organs and digestion as she ages. While searching we just found Nature’s Logic recently and she has been on the venison (she can not take certain meat proteins from allergies and pancreatic attacks in the past from beef and chicken) so the variety is a huge plus for her and the whole logic behind the food is what sold us. She is doing wonderful on it and so happy to have found your products.Thank you!!!


Thank you for keeping these inappropriate ingredients out of your foods!

My four year old cat was diagnosed with asthma and allergies shortly after I adopted her in 2005. She was also diagnosed with a heart condition during a routine examination in 2006. I switched her to your (Nature’s Logic) Rabbit Dinner dry food at that time and the improvement has been little short of astounding. The swelling/bloat from water retention disappeared immediately, her asthma attacks have stopped, and her allergic reactions are much reduced. This six year old cat looks and plays like a two year old. I am convinced that without the wholesome diet she would not have lived long. Formerly, she ate one of the now-recalled brands, loaded with corn and wheat gluten.. Thank you for keeping these inappropriate ingredients out of your foods!


Thank you again for your dedication to producing and watching over such a fine product we will look forward to raising our young litter on – and all adults here for years to come.

I am so pleased with your kibble – having come from a strictly raw diet, I could not be more pleased by what I have seen. Now 6 or 7 months later feeding Natures Logic Lamb kibble, the proof is in the pudding – all of our Clumbers are blooming with better coats, healthy nails, no more grass or dirt eating, and endless stamina. Weights are perfect also. We have been feeding 75% Lamb formula – and 25% raw meat, which mixes and digests to perfection. They bark so loudly for dinner, the house shakes! The telling point is in our new Clumber mom and her litter. She is 3 years old, it is her first litter….and the first litter we are weaning onto kibble. I would not be doing this if I did not have complete faith in the nutrient balance, quality and safety of your product. She was on your kibble for about 3 months prior to breeding and throughout gestation. She carried a large litter for Clumber Spaniels – 9. She has had plenty of healthy milk for her pups, and did not lose a bit of coat since the birth of the litter! That is a miracle! Pups love their weaning gruel of soaked kibble, goats milk and a bit of raw beef. Thank you again for your dedication to producing and watching over such a fine product we will look forward to raising our young litter on – and all adults here for years to come.

B.M. - Virginia

Everyone loves the taste and they never leave any behind in their bowls.

Dear Nature’s Logic, I just wanted to let you know that your dry Lamb formula is awesome! I show and hunt German Wirehaired Pointers. They require superior nutrition due to their rigorous activities and we have definitely found that in Nature’s Logic. We became hooked after trying your food at the International Kennel Club show in Chicago. I have one male who has always been a finicky eater (as a lot of wires can be). He also has had trouble with intestinal upset on various other foods. We’ve been through just about every brand on the market! Since switching Coach to your food, as well as all of my wires, I have noticed their stools are always firm, their coats are shiny, their pigment is nice and dark, and their overall health and endurance has improved! Everyone loves the taste and they never leave any behind in their bowls. We just wanted to say thanks for coming out with an exceptional quality dog food!


I haven’t seen them eat this way with kibble before!

I just want to thank you for the samples you sent! I’m surprised how much my dogs love your food! I haven’t seen them eat this way with kibble before! Thank you again!


Snickers hasn’t had one hair ball cough.

Snickers loves this food and her coat (which I and the vet thought were in good condition) is even better. What a sheen! Too bad I have no way to prove it, but I think the food has helped whatever causes people to be allergic. Since I switched, my daughter, friends, and her cousins don’t get any signs or symptoms of being sensitive. Also, Snickers hasn’t had one hair ball cough. She didn’t have them often, but never is best!

D.S. - California

I slowly introduced it into her food, and she LOVES it!

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great product. I started buying the Natures Logic Chicken for my 8 year old pug Xena. We lost our beautiful Border Collie, Pete, in March and Xena was not acting like herself. I was introduced to this through a friend of mine. I slowly introduced it into her food, and she LOVES it! She dropped weight, she is not shedding as much, and has more energy (even though pugs are typically not that energetic). We now have a beautiful Blue Merle Toy Australian Shepherd named Myah, and this is the only thing she has been on. I get comments all the time on what a beautiful dog she is. I truly believe this dog food will extend the life of my pug Xena, and give a healthy long life for our new addition.

D.D & C.D

They all go crazy over it.

I’ve been feeding your dry and can food and using your vitamin supplement and sardine oil for about six months now. Everywhere I go I get huge compliments on how beautiful my dogs look. Their eyes are extremely bright, the coats are thick and shiny, their muscles bulge everywhere. Not to mention they have tons of energy…my dogs are all working border collies that work on a farm and we compete all over the southeast and do quite well!!!! Thank you soooo much for such a great product line!!!

I (also) started feeding them your raw diet, and they absolutely love it!!! They all go crazy over it.

K.K. - Florida

Thank you for making this superior product available.

I’d like to thank the distributor who allowed my cats to sample the (Nature’s Logic) Duck & Salmon dry food for free during his visit to Pabby’s Pet Pantry in PA. I have since purchased the (Nature’s Logic) chicken and rabbit dry as well. At one point I had taken my five cats off of dry food completely because two of them were gaining too much weight and I had read that it was attributable to the carbs in dry pet food. It’s great to be able to feed them Nature’s Logic dry – without the cheap fillers and additives and, at the same time, know that they benefit from so many healthy ingredients available in a single product. I have to offer more than one flavor to suit each cat’s taste, but all five enjoy it. One used to vomit after eating a cheaper canned food, but her tummy is calm and happy with Nature’s Logic.

Thank you for making this superior product available. It is well worth the price.


Best canned food I’ve ever bought

I am into about 100 lbs Nature’s Logic dry fed to my 100 lb Lab. I like the results so far. As good a food as I’ve ever fed. What I love about Nature’s Logic is being able to feed the recommended cups per day without having to cut back due to loose stool.

I recently bought two cases of your canned Lamb, and the venison. Best canned food I’ve ever bought, as it is not water or gel, but a meat loaf. Smells good enough to eat myself. Will you ever do the Feeding trial on it? You mention in the FAQ’s on the Nature’s Logic website maybe a few things are perhaps short as far as the AAFCO requirements.


I have been feeding your food for some time now and they still love it!

I have been feeding your food for some time now and they still love it! I recently got my brother and his wife to switch to your food and their little poodle mix has not been sick since!!! She used to throw up and have stomach problems. Even the vet didn’t help with the problems. They took her to Ohio State and just had to keep trying different foods. She has been on natural foods but yours is the best by far that agrees with her.


Please keep making this food, it’s doing wonders for my pets!

I had been feeding another quality food for years to my cats and 3 German Shepherds before switching to Nature’s Logic. In three short weeks, I have seen amazing results – shiny coats, increase energy levels, and they seem to be more relaxed while resting. I have literally cut their food intake in half from the other “all natural pet food” I had been feeding.

My 10 year old shepherd had to have his spleen removed months ago and his hair never came back in the area the vet shaved him. The vet thought it might be a thyroid issue and was suggesting extensive blood testing. Now that the dog is on Nature’s Logic, the hair is filling in nicely. I’m so relieved his thyroids were not a problem after all!

I have also seen an improvement in my shepherd that has arthritis. He is getting around a lot better and I’m definitely looking to see what the next 3 weeks bring. Please keep making this food, it’s doing wonders for my pets!

Janet - Virginia

I NEVER thought I would find a dog food supporting this concept

Hello. I am a veterinarian who has been feeding raw for quite a few years due to my concern for processed food and the effect on dog health. However, I also do worry about bacteria in raw.

My collie has recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma so I no longer feed raw as she is immunosuppressed and it is too risky.

A local pet food store owner told me about your product so I looked at the web site. I am a HUGE believer in whole food vitamins and supplements. I NEVER thought I would find a dog food supporting this same concept. A few years back I went to a veterinary lecture given by Standard Process on whole food nutrition and I have been a believer ever since. They talked about how in artificial vitamins the body does not get the whole vitamin complex and …this may do more harm than good.

Thank you for a great sounding food and I look forward to trying it.


Thanks for a great product.

I just purchased my first bag of canine lamb formula and tried to phase in the food as suggested on the bag. Well – so much for that. My active cockapoo has managed to root out every single morsel of his new food and has piled the old food on the floor next to his food dish. Looks like phasing in the food is not going to work around here – the dog feels Nature’s Logic is much better than his old food. I’m impressed with the ingredients and nutrition – since he can’t read, I assume he’s just appreciating the taste.

FYI – This dog is NOT a chow hound – he’s usually quite indifferent to food. Kinda says it all. The dog recognizes a good thing 🙂

Looks like the old food is headed out for the local wildlife.

Thanks for a great product.


Thanks to Nature’s Logic my pets are the best they can be.

Hello, I have a Lab and German Shepherd mix. The lab is 7 yrs. old. The Lab was diagnosed with a non functioning thyroid three years ago. So the doctor put him on a thyroid drug, and he lost 20 Lbs. in 4 months. I was feeding him a major brand, but he didn’t really have any energy, plus he was shedding bad. One day he ran out of food but I had some Natures Logic Duck and Salmon, that I feed my female German Shepherd. She is a police K-9. After feeding him Nature’s Logic, I took him back to the vet and his thyroid levels are normal!!!!! The hair loss stopped, and his over all health has progressed 10 fold. It is a fantastic food. Also, clean up is something that I have never seen before. It will dry quickly, I will be looking around and it has vanished. This product is the best. I see such a difference in his overall health, and the shiniest coat. Personally, I will stay with this product for the life of my dogs. Thanks to Nature’s Logic my pets are the best they can be. Thank-you again for this product.

C.A. - Michigan

I have been feeding Nature’s Logic for a while now and my dogs love your food.

I have a dog kennel in Minnesota, I have been feeding Nature’s Logic for a while now and my dogs love your food. I have been through so many brands of dog food, it’s unbelievable! Now that I’m feeding Nature’s Logic, I have seen dramatic changes in them. I will no longer be switching dog foods.


I wanted to send a note thanking you for your wonderful product.

I wanted to send a note thanking you for your wonderful product. I adopted my retired Greyhound a year ago and have battled from day 1 to find a food that would agree with him. If he liked it, it didn’t like him and vice versa. At points my garage looked like a dog food warehouse. I didn’t think I would ever find “The One” for him.

I recently bit the bullet and had an allergy test run. It verified some of what I knew from the past food failures – avoid chicken, turkey, venison, salmon, white fish, & sweet potato. Plus now I can add oatmeal, soy, milk, corn. I thought I was truly doomed.

I went back to. The Dog Food Advisor site and started my research all over again & found Nature’s Logic. Of course it isn’t available in a store near me but took yet another gamble and ordered online. The gamble paid off this time!

I did a long slow transition to your Beef Kibble formula and it has been wonderful! Harry can’t wait to eat now and the “output” is actually something I can pick up (sorry for TMI but that’s a MIRACLE in my world). I will be trying out the Sardine and then the Lamb formulas next – I can’t believe I have options that contain NONE of the ingredients he reacts to. He’s been doing so well on your food I was able to start adding in some raw which was always a goal of mine.

Thank you again for these amazing recipes – they have been a God


This food is worth every penny. Thank you Nature’s Logic!

Since adopting our cat, Oreo, from a local animal shelter, I have been feeding him Nature’s Logic. I braced myself for having another animal in the house and dealing with shedding. Our previous pet had a massive shedding problem resulting in daily vacuuming, but right from the start I noticed that this cat didn’t shed. His coat is like velvet and he’s the perfect weight. His annual trip to the vet was this past week and even our vet couldn’t stop stroking his fur. He went on and on about how soft and healthy the cat was, and I know it was the result of a healthy food. I brought along a brochure listing the ingredients used in Nature’s Logic and he was very impressed. Several of the vet techs even came over to take a look. Having a healthy cat has been a blessing when it comes to vet bills which are non-existent. I no longer have a pet with health problems due to corn and bi-products in his diet. Your canned food made his coat even softer. He loves the rabbit meal the best as you can see. He likes to clean the can! This food is worth every penny. Thank you Nature’s Logic!

L.K. - Wisconsin

They are nonstop and everyone is so healthy and strong and it’s all because of Nature’s logic!

Shelby and Rausch are six years old. Winston is 8 months old and Bentley is 6 months old. We were feeding them what we thought was a good food but turns out it was not. Thank goodness for Susan Thixton and her website- truthaboutpetfood.com which led us to Nature’s Logic. Our 4 absolutely Love it!! They have been on Nature’s Logic since December and boy what a difference it has made!! Shelby and Rausch act like they are 2 instead of 6. Their energy levels are off the chart running and playing with Bentley and Winston. And Bentley and Winston, well let me just say it is never a dull moment at our house! They are nonstop and everyone is so healthy and strong and it’s all because of Nature’s logic! People all the time ask us what are you feeding them and we tell them. Thank you so much Scott and to your team for what you do for our pets and for us as Pet Parents.

The Hollis Family

In today’s world of non-existent customer service, I was very happy that you listened and responded in a very meaningful way.

I’ve been feeding your food to my Springer Spaniel for over two years and am very happy with the results. A while back you gave some very detailed responses to some questions I had about the food. In today’s world of non-existent customer service, I was very happy that you listened and responded in a very meaningful way. You have a few new customers based on our recommendation, not to mention that our groomer is touting your food as she cannot believe how fabulous our dog’s coat is with no special supplements.

J.H. - Minnesota.

Keep up the good work!

I am writing you today in order to thank you for making such a great product. I am referring to your Nature’s Logic Canine Natural Chicken Formula. I am a breeder of Chocolate Labs and have been doing so for 15 years. Since I am a breeder, I am certainly interested in finding the best possible nutrition for not only my own dogs, but all of the dogs that I sell. About six months ago, the store that I buy my dog food was out of my usual brand. I only had about 2 days left of food and the store was not going to get that food for about a week. The owner of the store suggested I try your food, so I did.

That was actually the best thing I have done in a long time. Since then all of my dogs have a lot more energy, and their coats are actually sparkling. For over a year before switching, one of my females was only 5 points away from being a grand champion. This past weekend she got those points and then some. The judge asked me later what I had changed for my dog. I told her about your food, and she said she was going to switch because the change your food caused was so unbelievable.

Tomorrow I am meeting with my attorney to make a couple of changes in my puppy contracts. I have decided to put in the contract that any guarantees will only be honored if the buyer feeds your dog food. Keep up the good work!

J.R. - Virginia

What the right kind of nourishment will do for a cat.

I converted my friend to your food. Her cat kept getting fatter and fatter and his demeanor was very contemptible toward her. Plus he always seemed like he was starving. Now that he is eating your (Nature’s Logic) rabbit flavored dry food he is much calmer and contented and seems much more loving toward his owner. Neither or I could believe the change in his personality. I believe it is due to him getting a higher fat food that contains animal fat and not corn oil. His previous food had soy and no animal fat of any kind. She also started supplementing his diet with minor amounts of grain free wet food plus squash and home cooked chicken. He lays/loves on her alot now and he used to be stand offish before. What the right kind of nourishment will do for a cat.


I am one happy Mommy!

I am one happy Mommy! My 10 year old boxer had been spitting up his dog food for several weeks. I had been feeding him a fairly good food, (so I thought) not one you buy at your grocery, but a little better! Had been back and forth with my vets office on giving him zantac for acid reflux to switching his doog food. Nothing was helping. Even tried honey, suppose to aid in digestion. Again, was not helping! Went to an open house at one of our local shelters, and met Angela. She then introduced me to Nature’s Logic. Boy have I learned alot. My baby has been on Nature’s Logic for one week and have already noticed a huge change in him he and has almost stopped spitting his food up/throwing up all together!!!! It has made such a difference in him!! So very greatful!!! Thank you,


I cannot tell you how happy we are.

I purchased your Natures Logic Sardine Recipe Dry Dog Food at the end of May for my rescue Basset Hound Playdoh (approximately 10 yrs old). Previously I was feeding him Halo Brand Healthy Weight Grain Free Turkey and Duck. While he enjoyed the Halo food and had no issues with it, I was noticing his coat was dull and flaky and he was not losing the weight I had hoped. His rear legs were also losing mobility. After doing extensive online research I came across your food line and decided the Sardine was the best fit. I was impressed with the percentages (protein to fat ratios) as well as the high quality ingredients, so I took a chance with a food I knew nothing more about then what I read online and in testimonials. Am I ever glad I did! I have seen a HUGE improvement in Playdoh’s coat, his activity levels, and his weight. To be honest prior to the change, he was acting very much the “old man”. Sleeping constantly, little to no playing and a noticeable difficulty in movement. We were worried he was nearing the end of his life. Since changing to your product, you would think he was a puppy again! His coat is shiny and the shedding we have always struggled with is at a minimum even though the temp here in Wisconsin is hot and humid this time of year. There is almost no flaking with his skin. He is active and playful, begging for walks and showing more waistline then he has in years. I cannot tell you how happy we are. Thank you so much for making a wonderful product that I will recommend to any and all of my Basset/Rescue friends.

Lisa and Playdough

I (and my dog) cannot rave about this food enough

I have finally found my dog’s food!

I have a 13-month-old lab/border collie mix who has had gross poop problems her whole life.  We’ve had her allergy tested and tried many different things, eliminating what we thought were the culprits, but without success.

I was beginning to think that maybe her stomach simply couldn’t handle dry kibble.  I found Nature’s Logic (beef) at Global Pet Food in Los Angeles and it was going to be my last attempt at dry kibble before switching to an alternative.

I (and my dog) cannot rave about this food enough.  She absolutely loves it and more importantly, her poops are finally normal!  The amazing thing is that it happened immediately, from the first feeding.  It’s like she has a different butt!  🙂

There must be something in the food the other brands are putting in that you’re not.

Thank you for creating an all-natural food.  We will definitely be sticking with it.  We’ll try the other proteins, as well.

Robert & Bayli

Thank you for coming out with your food.

Thank you for coming out with your food. One of our two dogs has been suffering from inhalant allergies since he was 6 months old, and has issues with yeasty ears. We were just about ready to go on a homemade diet, because we had tried so many other foods on the market that just caused yeasty ears. We’ve been on your food for 6 months now, and he is still yeast free. I’ve got to tell you, when I first met my vet –the typical food was pushed on us – which we tactfully declined. Right now – our vet is very impressed with your food and how he is doing on it. That says a lot about your food.

D.R. - Colorado

They now won’t eat anything else–other kibbles sit in the bowl untouched.

I have been feeding a premium food for several years. I always wanted to move to a more natural, less grain based diet, but I never seemed to have the time to really research my options. Once the melamine debacle made the news, I made the time and did some investigating. I have tried many varieties of meat based foods, kibble and frozen and freeze dried. I will always need a kibble option since I travel for work and need something that can be left out. My cats LOVE your rabbit based kibble.

They now won’t eat anything else–other kibbles sit in the bowl untouched. It’s the only kibble that makes them actually growl when another cat comes near while eating. Thank you for the quality of your food. It is wonderful, and I’m happy I found a more natural answer for my pets.


We continue to be VERY pleased with your food.

Thought I would send an update. We continue to be VERY pleased with your food. Our boys are doing very well on it. My older dog is doing exceptionally well. He will be 4 in March and has always had a poor appetite. In the past we were lucky if he ate 1 meal a day, typically it was one meal every other day. He was about 10lbs underweight. He went to the vet 2 weeks ago, and he gained 6 lbs! This is big news. We are so happy. Now that he is on Nature’s Logic he consistently eats 2 meals per day, his coat is soft and shiny, and he looks vibrant. He really seems to like the vitamin supplement mix. I add it to one meal each day, and he gobbles it up. I am so happy you offer this product. Please keep it in your product line!



THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You have great products…my dogs are doing wonderful – everything from my young puppy to my senior citizens!! And they love it so I am not having to figure out ways to keep them eating! We have been asking for feed back from our customers as well and so far the results are wonderful…..

Store Management - San Antonio, TX

Thank you for such high quality food without taxing your customers wallet.

Luna is a 1 1/2 year old White German Shepherd. Luna is as picky as they come when it deals with her food and as her owner and pet parent, I want to make sure that Luna is getting the best quality available without breaking the bank.

Blue Buffalo has nothing compared to you guys! Luna is a huge fan of your dry kibble chicken flavor. Add in the North Atlantic Sardine Oil and her white coat shines as bright as fresh snow!

Thank you for such high quality food without taxing your customers wallet.

We have found her food choice for life and Luna couldn’t be happier!

Keep up the excellent work!

Jacqueline and Luna

Your dry cat food (rabbit flavor) is a huge hit with my cats.

Your dry cat food (rabbit flavor) is a huge hit with my cats. I have a cat with a heart murmur and slight kidney problems, and he has done very well on your dry food……

R.H. - Ohio

I am writing to tell you personally how extremely pleased we are with Natures Logic and what a difference it has made.

It is now 7 months since I switched my West Highland Terrier to your sardine feast variety. I am writing to tell you personally how extremely pleased we are with Natures Logic and what a difference it has made.

My Westie had several issues including skin allergies, elevated liver enzyme ALKP, IBD, anal gland problems, and as of last October diabetes. She is almost 12 yrs old. Since 2010 we had been to several vets and specialists and tried numerous diets and meds which did little to no good as far as her IBD.  When the diabetes came into play in 2015 we had a challenging 2-3 months of ups and downs, tests and specialists, and finally an integrative vet in Tucson. After even more tests a food panel was finally run and we learned she is reactive to several common ingredients in dog foods. This led us to your food so I called your company and requested samples. She liked it so I purchased a bag.

A few weeks after starting Natures Logic I noticed she had no more signs of her IBD which had gotten worse when she was initially diagnosed with diabetes and was put on a rx dog food. We had days where she felt terrible, wouldn’t eat for hours and often had no appetite all day which created big problems as far as giving her insulin dose twice daily. Once we switched to Natures Logic she has never refused a meal.  Her skin allergies, which she had for many years have been non existent, she’s had no signs of IBD, anal gland issues have stopped, and in April she had a vet exam and CBC and the results were extremely good. Her ALKP, which had been over 1800 was down to 250, the lowest it had been since 2010. Additionally we are getting pretty decent glucose readings daily on the sardine feast.

I belong to a canine diabetic group on Facebook. We have about 5700 members all over the world and I often sing the praises of Natures Logic. Your sardine feast variety has the lowest fat content which we always pay attention to as diabetic dog owners. I have provided your number to interested members and just wanted to let you know how very thrilled I am to have found your company.

Thank you so much.