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“First Certified Plastic Neutral”

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“Vanguard Award for Nutrition Leadership”

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Dogster Offers Free Bag of Distinction 

Multi-channel campaign promotes a free 1 lb. bag of Nature’s Logic Distinction ($6.49 retail), only redeemable at independent pet specialty stores to Dogster’s 160,000 subscribers and millions of online viewers. 


Mother Earth News Offers Free Bag of Distinction

Offered to Mother Earth’s 2.5 million Facebook followers. “Nature’s Logic is a 100% natural dog food with NO synthetic vitamins. For every lb you buy, we buy 1 kWh of renewable energy! Try a FREE bag!”


Why 99% of Dog Food is Fake (Except Nature’s Logic!)
“A synthetic vitamin is a fraction of what is in a naturally occuring vitamin. It’s missing the important cofactors that make it work. And research on synthetic vitamins shows this to be true… clearly, synthetic vitamins don’t do the job we think they do.

But if your dog eats kibble, he relies on those synthetic vitamins for most of his nutrition.”



Nature’s Logic Partners with eTailPet to Help Independent Stores

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, eTailPet, which helps neighborhood pet stores create comprehensive online storefronts, has started an initiative to join forces with industry vendors to support independent pet retailers.



Dogster Says Your Dog Can Go Green with Nature’s Logic

“Nature’s Logic’s mission is to apply the logic of nature to everything we touch, which means creating all-natural nutrition for pets from whole foods and being a voice for sustainability. Our pet food line is 100% natural with no synthetic vitamins.”



Veterinary Journal Covers Nature’s Logic Grain-Free

Innovative Veterinary Care journal covers Nature’s Logic’s “natural, logical approach to grain-free nutrition.”



Animal Wellness: A Natural, Logical Approach to Grain-Free Nutrition

“If you have a pet who requires a grain-free diet, here are three things you can look for in a food: 100% natural with NO synthetics, high in animal protein, no high-glycemic substitutes.”



Nature’s Logic Promotes World Oceans Day

Nature’s Logic is proud to participate in removing plastic from the ocean in celebration of
World Oceans Day. We boosted our message to The Ocean Cleanup, Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider Foundation or The Nature Conservancy



Pet Insight: Q&A with Nature’s Logic CEO David Yaskulka

“I was very excited to join Nature’s Logic because it’s made with 100 percent natural food with no synthetic vitamins which I believe is part of what is next for pets. Nature’s Logic doesn’t say that using a synthetic vitamin pack in our food is bad—I grew up taking One a Day vitamins, but as I studied nutrition, I came to believe that One a Day vitamins are good, but if I could get all of my nutrition from food rather than synthetic vitamins, it’s even better.”



Pet Business Sustainability Cover Story Features Nature’s Logic

“At the end of the day, by investing in sustainability, we’re investing in our future. According to Nature’s Logic CEO Yaskulka, ‘first and foremost, we owe it to our children and our children’s children.’”


June 2020

Nature’s Logic “Living Earth Day Everyday”

“The company’s recipes are all natural, avoiding the synthetic vitamin industry and reducing their impact on the environment. They use 100% natural energy to power their headquarters, make their kibble and manufacture their kibble bags.”




Nature’s Logic Promotes Shop Local Curbside and Delivery

We were proud to suspend our normal advertising as retailers changed their business model around the country, and use our budget to promote their Shop Local curbside or delivery messages with geo-targeted posts. 

April-May 2020

Free the Ocean Millennials Try Nature’s Logic

Nature’s Logic is proud to be a founding sponsor of Free the Ocean, a millennial-run community of environmentalists devoted to removing plastic from the ocean – and trying Nature’s Logic’s free bag of Distinction. 


February 2020 – present

Refinery29 Features Nature’s Logic Raw as Best Raw Diet

Refinery29 Nature’s Logic Raw Frozen as one of their choices in their “Best High Quality Dog Food Brands” round up. The site, which reaches more than 4.25 million consumers each month, featured an enthusiastic customer;

“I have served my Mini-Poo Nature’s Logic canned food for several years now with good success, along with another brand of raw frozen food. But, this raw formula puts the other brand to shame because my 10-year-old dog is now playing like a 4-year-old! So much energy, a healthier coat, brighter eyes — what a difference. And he absolutely LOVES both the chicken and the beef!” – RTVGal2, Chewy Reviewer