Nature’s Logic Cat Breeder Program


e know cat breeders everywhere want to feed the most nutritious, highest-quality pet foods to help adult cats and kittens look and feel their best.

We are happy to support and reward cat breeders with The Nature’s Logic Breeder Partner Program. When you join the program,  each one of your kittens will receive a voucher for a free 3.3lb of our feline kibble. The program is simple, after you purchase ten 15.4 lb bags of Nature’s Logic you will receive your eleventh bag free!

Mail Receipts and Bag UPCs to:

Nature’s Logic

PO BOX 67224

Lincoln, NE 68506

Application for the Nature’s Logic Breeder Program

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To qualify for our program, you need to upload a copy of an official document that identifies you as a breeder or handler. The document should be from a nationally recognized pet registry or association.

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I agree to feed and recommend Nature's Logic Brand Pet Food and to treat all animals humanely. I understand that breaking these and any other policies of The Nature's Logic Breeder Partner Program is cause for The Nature's Logic to terminate my membership.