Belle is a big cute mutt who LOVES Nature’s Logic. Nom Nom Nom

I’ve been feeding your dry and can food and using your vitamin supplement and sardine oil for about six months now. Everywhere I go I get huge compliments on how beautiful my dogs look. Their eyes are extremely bright, the coats are thick and shiny, their muscles bulge everywhere. Not to mention they have tons of energy…my dogs are all working border collies that work on a farm and we compete all over the southeast and do quite well!!!! Thank you soooo much for such a great product line!!!

I (also) started feeding them your raw diet, and they absolutely love it!!! They all go crazy over it.

Thought I would send an update. We continue to be VERY pleased with your food. Our boys are doing very well on it. My older dog is doing exceptionally well. He will be 4 in March and has always had a poor appetite. In the past we were lucky if he ate 1 meal a day, typically it was one meal every other day. He was about 10lbs underweight. He went to the vet 2 weeks ago, and he gained 6 lbs! This is big news. We are so happy. Now that he is on Nature’s Logic he consistently eats 2 meals per day, his coat is soft and shiny, and he looks vibrant. He really seems to like the vitamin supplement mix. I add it to one meal each day, and he gobbles it up. I am so happy you offer this product. Please keep it in your product line!