I have been feeding a premium food for several years. I always wanted to move to a more natural, less grain based diet, but I never seemed to have the time to really research my options. Once the melamine debacle made the news, I made the time and did some investigating. I have tried many varieties of meat based foods, kibble and frozen and freeze dried. I will always need a kibble option since I travel for work and need something that can be left out. My cats LOVE your rabbit based kibble.

They now won’t eat anything else–other kibbles sit in the bowl untouched. It’s the only kibble that makes them actually growl when another cat comes near while eating. Thank you for the quality of your food. It is wonderful, and I’m happy I found a more natural answer for my pets.

Your dry cat food (rabbit flavor) is a huge hit with my cats. I have a cat with a heart murmur and slight kidney problems, and he has done very well on your dry food……

I converted my friend to your food. Her cat kept getting fatter and fatter and his demeanor was very contemptible toward her. Plus he always seemed like he was starving. Now that he is eating your (Nature’s Logic) rabbit flavored dry food he is much calmer and contented and seems much more loving toward his owner. Neither or I could believe the change in his personality. I believe it is due to him getting a higher fat food that contains animal fat and not corn oil. His previous food had soy and no animal fat of any kind. She also started supplementing his diet with minor amounts of grain free wet food plus squash and home cooked chicken. He lays/loves on her alot now and he used to be stand offish before. What the right kind of nourishment will do for a cat.

I’d like to thank the distributor who allowed my cats to sample the (Nature’s Logic) Duck & Salmon dry food for free during his visit to Pabby’s Pet Pantry in PA. I have since purchased the (Nature’s Logic) chicken and rabbit dry as well. At one point I had taken my five cats off of dry food completely because two of them were gaining too much weight and I had read that it was attributable to the carbs in dry pet food. It’s great to be able to feed them Nature’s Logic dry – without the cheap fillers and additives and, at the same time, know that they benefit from so many healthy ingredients available in a single product. I have to offer more than one flavor to suit each cat’s taste, but all five enjoy it. One used to vomit after eating a cheaper canned food, but her tummy is calm and happy with Nature’s Logic.

Thank you for making this superior product available. It is well worth the price.