I don’t often take the time, but I wanted to reach out to you and Natures Logic to say thank you for providing such a quality product.  We have a pomeranian puppy and a senior Pom mix.  We were looking for a food that they both could eat.  I learned about your product from Padfoot Poms on Facebook and am grateful I did. You see, our senior Pom, who was a picky eater was diagnosed by our vet as having Alopecia.  He prescribed Royal Canin dog food for her.  She had a lot of hair loss on her body and seemed like she didn’t feel well. Since having her on Natures Logic she is a whole new dog!  While she is still a senior dog who likes her naps, she is much happier and her hair has almost completely grown back!  Recently, a little boy, upon meeting her for the first time said, “you are a pillow”, because her fur is now so thick and fluffy. Thank you for providing such a good product. Barbara
I used to be a 100% raw feeder, and recently I switched to half kibble for balancing and cost reasons. We are always looking for good high quality kibbles for our dogs and to recommend to others. When we read the ingredients on Nature’s Logic lamb meal formula we were highly impressed! This food is NOT grain free, and that’s a huge plus for us! With the whole DCM scare going on, and the fact that grain free kibbles are more unhealthy in general we were hoping it wasn’t grain free. The best thing about that is there is no corn, wheat, or soy! They use healthy ancient grains in their recipes – and we really commend that! Overall we are highly impressed with this food and the ingredients on a first impression basis and can’t wait to see how the dogs do on it!
This is Tsuk, she is a year old Border Collie/ Newfound mix. Tsuk came to us as rescue(we still have not decided who rescue whom) about 3 months ago. We do not know much about her life before she came to us but we do know that she used to be locked on a room all day and she used to be food deprived. She was even called Piggie by her previous owners. Food was very difficult because everything she eat made her sick. So it was very difficult at the beginning but now she is a happy, spoiled baby since she started eating your Duck and a salmon dry and can food. Tummy problems are gone and now nothing but the best for our baby girl, she now runs, play, gets two hour long brushing and petting season, long fun bath, walks every day, day trips in the car with mom. She knows now that she is loved. We want to actually thank you, your food is amazing and our baby is now a healthy girl.
When I got my rescue pup Jude, it was a struggle to find a food that wouldn’t pass right through him and cause his stomach pains. We discovered raw was the only thing he could digest properly, but my wallet couldn’t keep up with it. Then, up popped Nature’s Logic! Nothing synthetic, closest kibble I could find to raw. My dog THRIVES on it! No more stomach pains and firm stools!
No more itching! No more brown discoloration! Charlie is now a happy and healthy Schnauzer thanks to Nature’s Logic Sardine Feast kibble and canned food. He has a beautiful coat and looks forward to meal time thanks to your high quality dog food. A healthy dog is a happy dog. Thank you Nature’s Logic!
I show and breed westies. Terriers are know for their sensitivities and allergies. I was plagued with reoccurring ear infections. After switching from food to food I came across Natures Logic. Ear infections gone, great coats and bright eyes are now what I see. I am now a forever customer. Thank you Natures Logic?
My year old golden retriever got really sick about a month ago. Refused to eat her regular food and barely touched anything I made her. All she wanted to do was eat grass, and that was in turn making her throw up. I was getting really nervous but I was given a sample of a few foods, including yours. Nature’s Logic was the first food she was willing to touch in weeks! Needless to say I rushed to the store and she’s been grass-free for about a week! She loves it and is gaining more weight and energy by the day.
I just wanted to say thank you for such a great product. I started buying the Natures Logic Chicken for my 8 year old pug Xena. We lost our beautiful Border Collie, Pete, in March and Xena was not acting like herself. I was introduced to this through a friend of mine. I slowly introduced it into her food, and she LOVES it! She dropped weight, she is not shedding as much, and has more energy (even though pugs are typically not that energetic). We now have a beautiful Blue Merle Toy Australian Shepherd named Myah, and this is the only thing she has been on. I get comments all the time on what a beautiful dog she is. I truly believe this dog food will extend the life of my pug Xena, and give a healthy long life for our new addition.
My four year old cat was diagnosed with asthma and allergies shortly after I adopted her in 2005. She was also diagnosed with a heart condition during a routine examination in 2006. I switched her to your (Nature’s Logic) Rabbit Dinner dry food at that time and the improvement has been little short of astounding. The swelling/bloat from water retention disappeared immediately, her asthma attacks have stopped, and her allergic reactions are much reduced. This six year old cat looks and plays like a two year old. I am convinced that without the wholesome diet she would not have lived long. Formerly, she ate one of the now-recalled brands, loaded with corn and wheat gluten.. Thank you for keeping these inappropriate ingredients out of your foods!
I am writing you today in order to thank you for making such a great product. I am referring to your Nature’s Logic Canine Natural Chicken Formula. I am a breeder of Chocolate Labs and have been doing so for 15 years. Since I am a breeder, I am certainly interested in finding the best possible nutrition for not only my own dogs, but all of the dogs that I sell. About six months ago, the store that I buy my dog food was out of my usual brand. I only had about 2 days left of food and the store was not going to get that food for about a week. The owner of the store suggested I try your food, so I did. That was actually the best thing I have done in a long time. Since then all of my dogs have a lot more energy, and their coats are actually sparkling. For over a year before switching, one of my females was only 5 points away from being a grand champion. This past weekend she got those points and then some. The judge asked me later what I had changed for my dog. I told her about your food, and she said she was going to switch because the change your food caused was so unbelievable. Tomorrow I am meeting with my attorney to make a couple of changes in my puppy contracts. I have decided to put in the contract that any guarantees will only be honored if the buyer feeds your dog food. Keep up the good work!