CeCe, my West Highland White Terrier wasn’t eating much where she only ate a little of the dog food sold in the big pet store chains and started to get terrible hot spots when she was about 6-years old where veterinarians only wanted to throw steroids at it and to not figure out why. I found out she had all the symptoms of a massive yeast infection and went looking for a dog food that didn’t feed yeast in dogs, which eliminated anything from big pet store chains. When I first brought Nature’s Logic home and dished up the first serving, she was already showing huge enthusiasm before I had even set the dish down and for the next two weeks, she showed huge enthusiasm and ate it all every day right away. Her coat cleared up, her need to drink huge amounts of water and need to pee a lot all went away. She was running around when she was 12 plus years old this spring like a puppy after having been on Nature’s Logic ~6+ years. She ate Nature’s Logic right away except after having been bitten by a rattlesnake where her fur hid the bite and I didn’t know such a thing could happen in town in a fenced back yard with her fenced dog run.