I first discovered Nature’s Logic in 2013 when I was working at a pet store in Colorado. The more I learned about the food and the company, the more I realized their approach to diet aligned with how I care for myself – natural, good sourcing, etc. My senior dog, who is the love of my life, is a very picky dog. I have fed most dog foods out there, and feed both raw and kibble. When I brought home Nature’s Logic, I was amazed that no matter which protein I put in front of Ivy, she ate it! All of it! She loves the raw too, which is great because she is picky about her brands of raw as well! Six years later, and I now have 9 dogs and 3 cats. All of them are on Nature’s Logic and thriving. I cannot stop talking about this food to anyone who will listen! Three of my dogs are farm dogs, they live with our goats – and everyone always asks how I keep their coats so smooth and shiny. They eat Nature’s Logic and get fresh raw goats milk, plus I supplement with raw, bone broth, etc. They don’t get groomed very often, and yet they look beautiful! I have watched itchy, miserable dogs switch to Nature’s Logic and within a week become a different dog! I also feed my cats Nature’s Logic, and they love it too! Same as my dogs, they have healthy coats, small healthy stools, shed less, and just great overall health! When someone asks me the best choice they can make for the pets, I always recommend switching to Nature’s Logic!