I switched to natures logic because it is free of all the food my Ellie is allergic to. Its grain free and natural. I jad an allergy test done and searched months for a food that suited her needs. Ellie was cover in skin rashes due to her allergies and now her skin is glowing and there are absolutely no rashes. She also does not eat her feet anymore. My molly is finally at a healthy weight now due to it being very wholesome. She was very skinny and i couldnt get her to get to her correct weight. Now she is at the perfect weight according to the vet. For kimbo, he loves it and his stomach does too. Ive had trouble before with his sensitive stomach and frequent vomitting. Now, he loves the food and doesnt barf consitently anymore. I constantly get complements on their shiny fur now and how they are all at perfect weight. I would say its been a beneficial in mutiple ways and i will never switch to another food. Its worth the price to me for my dogs to be healthy and love what they eat. Natures Logic all the way in this house.