I rescued my little Pit-Catahoula mix when she was 8 weeks old. When I saw those big brown eyes in that little white head with the one floppy ear, I just melted. Never having owned a Pitbull before, I did not know how susceptible they are to allergies. All my other rescue dogs never had this problem, so it was a real eye opener. After trying so many foods it’s not even funny, I finally found something she could eat that would stay down and keep some hair on her body, and it was in the form of a grain-free natural diet. She was on a bison diet, but it still wasn’t completely doing the trick. By this time she was 4 years old and I owned my own natural pet food and product store. She had taught me a lot about the pet food industry. One day a rep from Nature’s Logic came in to see if I might be interested in selling your product. We spoke of my little fur baby’s food problems and she suggested I try the rabbit kibble. Why not? It was amazing! Not only did she eat it ( she must be the pickiest canine in the world), but her hair grew back, she started to gain weight and not look like a poor homeless soul. She had more energy and just seemed happier. This was only a few weeks of trying the food! Needless to say, I gave the rep an end cap and have been promoting the food ever since. I no longer own my shop, but this doesn’t stop me from singing your praises! My girl is a happy, healthy nine year old who people mistake for a puppy. I’m so happy that your rep walked into my shop that day and saved my girl’s life. Thank you Nature’s Logic for caring enough about our four legged family members to create a food that benefits them without adding synthetics.