My dog and the love of my life Charlie had anal gland issues all his life, it started when he became a “teenager”. Whatever was on the market we tried, nothing helped. Nothing made it even better. We tried all kinds of food, high fiber. We tried green beans, pumpkin even “supplements” for that reason. We tried raw. You name it, we tried it. Long story short. We used to get his glands expressed by our vet about every 4 weeks. Now for a good year we use Nature’s Logic and no, the issue didn’t go away. And I didn’t expect that. But it’s better. We use Venison kibble mixed with the Venison canned food. The only food so far which makes his poo firm. Firm enough to not go to the vet every 4 weeks, we sometimes don’t have to go for 2 months! He loves the food and does not seem to get tired of the same flavor. We tried the other flavors NL offers but none of them works as good as Venison (for us). Thank you!