Our Yorkie has been on Science Diet Prescription food for the past 6 years due to gastrointestinal issues. When we welcomed our new puppy Alice into our home, we wanted them to both be on the same food for many reasons. We had always been hesitant to switch Eddie’s food due to his stomach issues. We did the recommended 7-10 change over. He’s been eating Nature’s Logic with his new sister for the past 4 months and is doing fantastic!!! We couldn’t be happier with this change and we can tell he’s excited for meal time now too! He loves the food and so does his body! We’ll NEVER switch our babies to anything! We purchased the duck flavor this past week due to the summer months and keeping them on a cooler food. Thank you Nature’s Logic for providing amazing food…our dogs eat better than us, HA! Happy to have our babies on natural, healthy kibble!! You rock!