Alice is a sharpei pitbull mix,born in our home from our very first foster. Little did we know how many issues she would have! After a lot of testing, trials and tribulations we discovered that she has severe allergies (to corn, soy, green peas, barley and lamb) in addition to having irritable bowel disease that caused uncontrollable bloody diarrhea. The only thing we found to help was a raw diet. Unfortunately, it wasn’t fool proof and she still had episodes of IBD. In addition, feeding raw took a lot of time to do correctly which I was in short supply of, as well as the concerns about raw food and my young kids. I decided to try Nature’s Logic, and the difference was almost immediate. Her raw, itchy paws cleared up. Her white snout was no longer pink, and her stools we’re firm for the first time in her life. She’s been on it for almost a year now and has not had a single reoccurrence of her IBD. Nature’s Logic doesn’t fill their food with peas and call it grain free- which was a problem for us with the other brands. She eats less because it is a high quality food and it saves me so much time. I am relieved to know that she is getting a superior food that meets all of her needs. Thank you Nature’s Logic!