When my little West Highland White Terrier turned about six years old, she started to get hot spots, itchiness, thirst and also a need to pee a lot, and she would only eat a little of the so called top quality dog food from PetSmart or Petco. Veterinarians only wanted to throw steroids at it and to not find out why she was getting nasty skin conditions. I had her tested for allergies that showed no allergies. After prayer, I was motivated to look up yeast infections in dogs where I found an online article that told what dog food ingredients to avoid, peas, corn, oats, rice, grains, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and sugar. The article also said that yeast infections in dogs aren’t on veterinarian’s radar, although they will treat yeast infections in dog’s ears and acknowledge that problem as yeast caused. One veterinarian who I told about CeCe’s history of yeast infections thought it was an allergy when it isn’t. Yeast is the result of dogs eating things that they aren’t meant to. Veterinarians will say that in nature, wild dogs eat the contents of their prey’s stomachs. However, what’s in a prey’s stomach has fermented, been digested somewhat and is whole grain. Anyway, I went looking for a dog food with none of the ingredients that feed yeast infection in dogs. My first try had to have water added to it and it smelled foul. My 2nd attempt was Nature’s Logic, where when I took it home and put CeCe’s serving in a bowl, CeCe was already showing huge excitement/enthusiasm and tried to get at it before I even sat it down for her. For about the next two weeks, she showed huge enthusiasm and made a show every day of trying to get at the dog food before I even set it down. She also ate it all right away so it didn’t sit around like the other dog food with all the fillers that dogs really shouldn’t be eating. All her hot spots, itchiness, thirst and need to pee went away and her coat cleared up. When she had such a need to pee, I bought a dog toilet tray for her where before Nature’s Logic, it was full of pee when I came home from work. After putting her on Nature’s Logic, typically the dog toilet was empty of pee and CeCe’s need to drink greatly reduced also. Her symptoms were so analogous to diabetes. One could logically conclude that eating all sorts of grain, rice, peas, etc. fillers is very analogous to a dog eating sugar and very bad for them regardless. CeCe at the age of 12 years, 4 months was even running around like a puppy in her new back yard and enjoyed her dog run. Unfortunately, I had moved to rattlesnake country, and didn’t know that she wasn’t safe in her dog run. I did not witness her getting bit by a poisonous snake. However, her symptoms all pointed to that and not realizing it as her fur covered up the bite evidence, unfortunately, I got her to a veterinarian too late and she died. She was my special gift from God having said to myself in Aug. 2006 after my old dog had died that I didn’t want to get another dog but I would like to get a young, female Westie, i.e. West Highland White Terrier. Three months later, I found lost, poor neglected, beautiful CeCe with lots of fleas and bald spots from itching, and asked at the Post Office if they knew who her owner was but they didn’t. The following Monday they told me they had found her owner, the owner didn’t want her and I could come get her stuff. Turned out she was female, she was a month shy of two years old so she was young and she was a pure bred West Highland White Terrier and what totally gave me good bumps was she was born Christmas Day, 2004. Getting her was very magical. You can see that she is a very beautiful Westie from the photo. She was totally show quality except large for a Westie, being 13 inches at the shoulder instead of 10 inches. She was very intelligent and very sweet. It will be very difficult to find as wonderful a dog as CeCe totally was. In hindsight, I wish that the communities in rattlesnake country were more pro-active about warning people about rattlesnakes coming into town and the like.