This is Tsuk, she is a year old Border Collie/ Newfound mix. Tsuk came to us as rescue(we still have not decided who rescue whom) about 3 months ago. We do not know much about her life before she came to us but we do know that she used to be locked on a room all day and she used to be food deprived. She was even called Piggie by her previous owners. Food was very difficult because everything she eat made her sick. So it was very difficult at the beginning but now she is a happy, spoiled baby since she started eating your Duck and a salmon dry and can food. Tummy problems are gone and now nothing but the best for our baby girl, she now runs, play, gets two hour long brushing and petting season, long fun bath, walks every day, day trips in the car with mom. She knows now that she is loved. We want to actually thank you, your food is amazing and our baby is now a healthy girl.